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The first Call of Scientifica Venture Capital aims to collect and select applications with high innovative content and a technological background based on the presence of intellectual property.
The aim is to support researchers and start-ups who present innovative technological ideas, with a focus on the fields of advanced manufacturing, advanced materials and artificial intelligence. The Call also aims to guide those involved in a process of growth and positioning defined on the market.
The awarded projects will have the opportunity to access an equity investment by Scientifica Venture Capital in the company or, in the case of teams that have yet to be established, in the company of future establishment.
The awarded start-ups and teams will receive investment tickets of between 50K to 500K Euros each and have access to Scientifica Labs for their proof of concept and pre-industrial development.
It is well known that scientific innovation holds the key to a future of economic, social and environmental sustainability. Research activity represents a strategic variable of the competitiveness of economic systems, as it allows the incorporation of high content of knowledge in the production of goods and services, with positive impacts on the overall economic results.
Unfortunately, Italy has long suffered from a significant "brain drain": talented researchers and specialists often emigrate abroad. This means a serious loss in terms of scientific knowledge and has a significant negative impact on the country's technological and economic progress. Scientifica intends to reverse this trend, giving new impetus to investments in new technologies, financing applied research and technology transfer so that Italian scientific thought can once again express its enormous potential. Scientifica's relationships with Italian and European universities are the key to preferential access to the stream of the best talents and brightest ideas of university research ecosystems.



Applications can be submitted from
4th April 2022.


Applications can be submitted until
20th May 2022.


Within 45 days of the applications closing
8 Projects will be selected.


Those who put forward each of the 8 Projects selected will participate in the award ceremony, presenting the project to a renowned evaluation jury.


To participate in the selection,
your project must focus
on the following areas:


Development of complex products that guarantee lower environmental impact through reduction of waste and pollutants, lower consumption of materials and sustainable use of energy.
  • Focus on potential areas of interest:
    Sustainable Product
    Additive Manufacturing
    Generative Design
    Laser Scanning
    Rapid Prototyping
    Computerized Numerical Control
    Customized Product
    Smart & Connected Product


Development of new materials with new or improved properties, thanks to nanotechnologies and chemical research.
  • Focus on potential areas of interest:
    Nanomaterials and Quantum Dots for advanced technologies
    Self-cleaning and functional coating
    Diagnostic, sensor and photonic materials
    Multi-functional composites
    Advanced chemical processes


Development of ideas and projects that make use of Artificial Intelligence or a set of technologies that, by interacting with each other, allow machines to learn and act with levels of intelligence similar to humans.
  • Focus on potential areas of interest:
    AI in the area of Cybersecurity
    AI for the Metaverse
    Low-code e no-code AI
    Creative AI
    AI in the context of energy efficiency processes
    AI in the field of Healthcare
What happens if
your project
is selected:
If your project is one of the 8 selected for the shortlist:
You will be invited to participate in the Super Sapiens Day at Scientifica Lab, that is, the Scientifica Venture Capital laboratories located in L’Aquila. At the end of the Super Sapiens Day, a maximum of 4 projects will be awarded. The awarded projects will be able to access an equity investment in the Company or, in the case of teams not yet established, in the company of future establishment by Scientifica Venture Capital.

If your project is among the finalists you will receive an expression of interest. Scientifica Venture Capital's investment in your project will be subject to carrying out due diligence and the successful negotiation of the term sheet and investment contract.