1 Sabbatical year
The Call 1 Sabbatical
year is aimed at the
heart of innovators
who are waiting for the
right push to move from thought to action.
It is an initiative that subverts the paradigm normally prevailing in the
Call4ideas design phase.
It is, in fact, not only a permanent call addressed to people - of all cultural backgrounds and of all ages - encouraging them to take leave from work or a break from studies to bring their "shelved dream" to life, but also a programme that aims to transform the embryo of an idea into an innovative start-up.
Employees with either an academic or professional background in R&D, as students or university researchers are eligible to apply.
If the Project is in line with the expected requirements and is positively evaluated by the Scientifica Team, the proposer will take leave from work – or a break from their studies – for 12 months and commit themselves to spending this period of time working exclusively on implementing their idea.
Within the framework of this Call, Scientifica will support the start-up of up to a maximum of 5 projects, with funding up to 250 thousand euros .
It is sufficient to send a written description indicating the main characteristics of the initiative. If the application is evaluated positively, the Scientifica team will follow up with in-depth discussions with the proposer.
In addition to receiving the above funding, "The embryo of the innovative idea" selected will be included in an incubation process lasting up to 12 months. At the end of this process, it may be included in the investment programmes of Scientifica Venture Capital.
In the event of a negative outcome of the incubation process - or the proposer wishing to return to their previous job - Scientifica Venture Capital will continue to transform the idea into a product or service by capitalising on the expertise acquired in the previous 12 months.
The 1 Sabbatical year Call in summary:
  • 01WHO CAN TAKE PART Employees with an academic or professional background in R&D or university students and researchers
  • 02DEADLINE Permanent call
  • 03REFERENCE VERTICALS Advanced Manufacturing; Advanced Materials; Artificial Intelligence
  • 04REQUIRED DOCUMENTARY SET The Idea Sketch, that is, the preparatory "sketch" of your idea or a written description in which its main characteristics are indicated
  • 05AWARD Ticket for a maximum amount of 250 thousand euros from Scientifica Venture Capital and inclusion of the proposer in the incubation process lasting up to 12 months, with the aim of providing support "from the idea to start-up"
  • 06WHAT HAPPENES AFTER 12 MONTHS Possible investment by Scientifica or other operators
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